My legal last name includes the gray part,

but I almost always leave it off for online accounts.

Mark Mironyuk
UI Engineer / Frontend Developer
Sacramento, CA USA
(or SF Bay Area)


TypeScript / React / Node.js / Redux

Electron.js / Next.js / Gatsby


Chakra UI / Sass / CSS Modules

styled-components / tailwind / tachyons


Figma / Sketch

Photoshop / Illustrator


Vim / Zsh / Git

Regex / Web3

Full Stack Engineer
Freelance Projects
May 2019 – Now

Some projects I worked on included a web browser with tree-style tabs, a typing test app, a crypto notary app, a Chrome extension, and a website for presenting immigration reports.

TypeScript: React, Node.js/CSS: tachyons, Tailwind, Chakra UI/Misc: Prisma, Postgres
Senior UI Engineer
May 2019 – Nov 2019

Built internal tools for handling compliance work Performed user tests and user interviews to learn how they do their work. Implemented an interface that was very different from what they had, but they loved how much more efficient they were with their work.

JavaScript: TypeScript, React, Node.js/CSS: styled-components, tachyons
UI Engineer
Aug 2017 – Nov 2018

Worked on customer-facing features including: in-app messenger, booking negotiation, in-app notifications, helped build reusable components for the design system, and ran A/B tests.

Worked with PM, design, and collaborated with engineers across different teams.

JavaScript: React/CSS: styled-components/Backend: PHP
Lead UI Engineer
Mar 2015 – Apr 2017

Drove frontend architectural decisions. Managed frontend build. Wrote much of the app’s UI. Built an Electron app to manage the backup virtual appliance.

Initiated and ran usability tests and user interviews / gathered frequent feedback from support.

JavaScript: React, Electron.js, Webpack/CSS: Bootstrap, Sass/Backend: PHP
UX / Software Engineer
Ask Ziggy
Jul 2012 – Jun 2014

Created prototype apps that integrated voice and gesture to help answer what the next generation of human-computer interaction looks like.

Web: Backbone.js, CSS/iOS: Objective-C/Android: Java/Windows: C#
Team Lead / Web Developer
UC Davis ITS Department
2011 – 2012

Team lead of the transportation department website (this was a student role) / created a reusable custom Wordpress template that was later adopted by 4 other departments.

WordPress: PHP, CSS, HTML, JavaScript
UC Davis, B.A. in Computer Science (unfinished)

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